So if you hire a car and drive yourself or use our shuttle company, it's your decision, we have given you our honest opinion.
In conclusion we get no pleasure in highlighting the hazards on this road, but these are the facts, we are simply highlighting
this route in the hope that people will take notice and exercise caution especially if you drive yourself.
We just want you to enjoy your holiday in South Africa
Our latest departure Times from Johannesburg to Sun City and Pilanesberg Lodges.
Beware when travelling on the R 556 road to Sun City and Pilanesberg Lodges during the hours of darkness as there has been many serious accidents on this road.
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Our earliest collection Times from Sun City and Pilanesberg Lodges.
12:00 pm.
WINTER TIME: June to August. Latest Departure Time from O R Tambo Airport. 16:30.

SPRING TIME: September to November. Latest Departure Time from O R Tambo Airport 16:30.

SUMMER TIME: December to February. Latest Departure Time from O R Tambo Airport 17:30.

AUTUMN TIME: March to May. Latest Departure Time from O R Tambo Airport 17:30.
Here we illustrate to you why we prefer not to travel to Sun City or the Pilanesberg Lodges during the hours of darkness.

There are two roads from O R Tambo International Airport to Sun City and the Pilanesberg National Park, the first road which
is known as the scenic route is by way of Hartebeespoort Dam it is a rural and narrow road and at certain times of the day it
is very congested as a result of heavy trucks using it, if you have the time it is a leisurely drive with the Lion Park and the
African Souvenier Market and other activities along this route, eventually this road leads to the N4 highway where you proceed
on for about another 20 Kilometers and then you turn off and join the R556 road to Sun City.

The other road from O R Tambo International Airport is by way of the R21 Highway which leads you to the N1 Highway and
eventually you veer off to the N4 west Highway all these roads are toll roads which will add about R85.00 to your bill per one
way journey plus about an extra 60 kms but it is a faster and more direct route, which eventually leads to the R556 rural road
to Sun City and Pilanesberg National Park.

Now this is where all the problems arise especially during the hours of darkness the R556 is a narrow rural road which extends for
75 kms, this road is poorly surfaced in some places especially at Marikana which is the first township that you pass through, the people
from the township won't bother you they just continue to get on with their lives, but as you proceed along this road there are many pot
holes and I mean pot holes! that seems to take for ever to get repaired, this happens mainly during the summer months which is our
rainy season, many areas of this road is also subjected to uneven road surface and flooding after heavy rain storms.
If you hit one of these pot holes you will definitely damage your tyres and possibly your rims and suspension to say the least,
there are many other obstacles on this road at night because it is mostly unfenced allowing animals such as cows, donkeys, goats, sheep and dogs to wander aimlessly on the road can you imagine what damage this will do to your vehicle if you collide with a cow or a donkey we just consider that it is not worth the risk.

That's our explanation we don't want any of our passengers to be subjected to the possibility of disconfort or injury so for safety sake we
recommend that any prospective clients who are arriving late at O R Tambo International Airport should stay over at a guest house or a hotel in the vicinity of the airport and travel the following day fully rested and refreshed, or if possible arrange for an earlier flight to coincide with our departure times as listed below.

We would appreciate your comments about this page did you find it beneficial or do you feel we are exaggerating

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