Hiring a Private Airport Shuttle Service from Skylink.
What you get when you hire Skylink :
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O.k. yes you can hire a car and drive yourself there's nothing to stop you if you feel confident to do so, but there are a few draw backs if you are prepared to go that route.
You have to provide your credit card details which most car hire companies retain for future payments should they arise, you have to take out car and damage insurance to cover in the event of damage to the car and suspension and theft etc, you have to fill with fuel, you have to pay toll road charges, you have to hire a G. P. S. Navigator, and there are mileage charges in some cases, and you have to drive it yourself.
When you return the car it is inspected for any damage which comes off your credit card, I have been told by clients that they have had deductions from their credit cards for alleged damage to the car and for toll road charges and speeding fines ( by hidden speed carmeras ) long after they have returned to their home countries.

So for the little bit that you think you save by hiring a car would you not feel better just to leave it all up to Skylink and sit back and enjoy the ride through the South African country side and take comfort in the knowledge that you have an experienced driver who will get you to your destination safely and fully refreshed to start your holiday.
Hire a car and drive yourself.
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A legal vehicle that is in 100% mechanical condition and
road worthy tested every year and licensed accordingly by the South African Traffic Department to carry the number of passengers it is designed to carry.

A professional driver with at least twenty years accident free driving experience.

A driver who has to satify the revelant authorities with in the department of transport that he is a fit and capable person to hold a professional driving permit in order to drive passenger carrying vehicles.

In order to do this firstly he has to be the holder of a clean driving license,and then to qualify for a professional driving permit he has to under go a medical examination including eye test, he must also be vetted by the South African Police to ensure that he has no criminal convictions against him.

This proceedure must be carried out every two years to validate his professional driving permit.

Now you request that a vehicle is available to meet either you or your group at the airport firstly the vehicle has to be parked ( and parking costs money at the airports )
in order that the driver can go to the arrivals terminal to meet you.

Now once on board the vehicle you will proceed to your destination ( lets say for instance Sun City ) and of course you want to get there safely, this is where driver knowledge and experience comes into play, especially knowing what obstacles to avoid on the route, things that a G.P.S. wont tell you, then there are toll road charges to pay, there is fuel to pay, there is vehicle payments to meet, there is insurance to pay, there are operating permits to pay, there is vehicle maintenance to pay, need I say more.

Now how did you find out about our shuttle service?
yes on the internet it doesn't come free, there are office expences to meet phone accounts promotional and website costs to name but a few.

I wonder if there is anything left to pay the owner / driver to cover food housing and living expenses.

And I nearly forgot the Tax Man also wants his share.

Actually reputable shuttle operators operate on a very small profit margin, considering all the outlay involved
they could similarity be compared to the airline industry when it comes to profitability versus operational costs.
Based on the above explanation we then have to take a decision on Tariff pricing and at the same time be fair to our clients which we think we are, if one compares similar transfers i.e. distances etc overseas our tariffs are definitely much lower, that's it folks book your trip with us secure in the knowledge that you are not being ripped off.
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Private Personal Transfer Service to Sun City and Pilanesberg Lodges
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Hello and welcome to Skylink the long distance Shuttle Service to Sun City and Pilanesberg Game Lodges.