Skylink Terms and Conditions
Our terms and conditions are straight forward and should not cause offence, please read carefully and by using our services you fully agree to be bound by them.

We are here to provide a quality shuttle service at the best possible price taking into account the high cost of vehicle purchase, maintenance, fuel, toll road charges, insurance, operators license, and drivers wages etc in South Africa.


1. We regret that we can not accept telephonic bookings because mistakes can be made by doing so, in order to get the full picture all bookings have to be made by e - mail to authenticate the booking.

2. All bookings must be made at least ten days in advance of the date required.

3 .A luggage trailer is included where required at no extra charge..
4. No bookings will be accepted where any part of the trip to either Sun City or the Pilanesberg National Park has to be carried out during the hours of darkness on the R 556 section of road, the reason being is this section of road is hazardous which could lead to accidents occuring which could lead to injuries to passengers.

5. All quotations are in South African Rand and are approximate and maybe subjected to additional airport parking costs and entrance costs to the final destination or fuel increases.

6. It is the responsability of the hirer to ensure that all passengers obey any lawful instruction given by the driver.

7. Children must remain seated at all times and safety belts must be worn by all passengers including children.

8. No loud music is permitted this only causes distraction to the driver.

9. Skylink is a long distance operator, and we do not carry out short haul transfers, i.e. form the airports to local addresses like Sandton City
hotels these short haul transfers are carried out by local taxi operators.

10. Skylink is an independent private company and is in no way associated with UBER.

11. Skylink does not enter into organizing transfers for clients in other cities i.e. Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth etc this is the sole responsability of the individual clients to organize themselves, we will how ever offer advice on which shuttles are reliable and safe and we will provide their e-mail addresses.

12. All transfers are direct from point A to point B.

13. No stopping on route for shopping etc unless prior arrangments have been agreed.

14. Stopping for shopping will only be permitted provided the vehicle does not have to go off route and for a maximum period of fifteen minutes.

15. Where a shuttle is requested after hours i.e. begining before 06:00 am or ending after 06:00 pm a levy of 10% will be added to tariff.

16. Shuttles are operated on a private basis only no waiting no sharing direct speedy safe transfers to your destination.

17. Where payment by E.F.T. has been agreed it must be deposited at least ten working days before departure in order that it can be verified by our bank
a 2.5% Bank handling fee must be added to the tariff where it is a local deposit and a 5% Bank handling fee must be added if it is a foreign transaction.

18. Our method of payment is by Cash, Credit Card, Master Card, Visa Card or by E.F.T.

19. Bookings will only be confirmed when we receive all travel details i.e. Name of person making the booking inc mobile number, Airline and flight numbers, country of departure, time of arrival at O R Tambo or Lanseria International Airports, or other collection point, your destination, number of adults, amount of luggage, number of children under three years of age, child seat required

Return collection time, collection point, return destination, i.e. airport, hotel or private address.

20. Where a cash payment is agreed clients are respectfully requested to have sufficent cash with them in South African Rand to pay the agreed tariff to the driver, as he can't be expected to divert off route to search for A.T.M. cash points, There are many A.T.M cash points at the Airports including foreign exchange agencies which clients are encouraged to use before departure.

21. Where payment is made by E.F.T. it must be made at least 10 working days before arrival and any bank transaction fees are for clients account..
22. The share shuttle will only operate providing sufficent bookings are made ortherwise private shuttle rates apply.
23. In the event where a one way transfer is requested to what ever destination say for instance ( Sun City ). skylink can't guarantee a return booking unless it was made at the time along with the original booking.

24. Clients should ensure that they have sufficient medical insurance cover when coming to visit South Africa to be used in the event of an accident or illness.

25. All Tariffs are applicable for one way transfer, return transfers equals tariff X 2

26. Requests for one way transfers from Sun City or Pilanesberg Lodges must be paid timeously in advance via E.F.T. to our bank and must be verified before we
dispatch a vehicle for the transfer.
27. Clients must not intimidate the driver with comments such as WE BETTER GET MOVING or try to tell him what road to take or to drive faster because you are in a hurry this behaviour will not be tolerated and the trip will be terminated without refund, you don't know what obstacles the driver encountered to get to the Airport on time he could have been detained at a police road check or held up as a result of heavy traffic there are many things that make driving difficult so just be patient and give the driver time to collect his toughts and he will get you safely to your destination.
28. While we do everything possible to stick to time schedules we can not be responsible for delays caused by Police road blocks, Bad weather conditions, Traffic accidents,
Road closures or Flooding etc.
29. Shuttle services can be mixed with private fare passengers unless it is expressly stated when booking that a Private Shuttle without sharing is required.
30. While we do everything possible to hold our prices stable they could be subjected to increase in the event of a sharp hike in the oil price etc.
These terms will be amended as and when required.
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