1. Do you accept payment by credit cards ?
Yes we accept payment by credit and master cards.
You can also pay by E.F.T to our Bank in South Africa.
2. If my flight has been delayed will you wait for me at the Airport.
We will wait if your flight has been delayed providing you have given us your flight number and estimated time of arrival we also use these details to monitor your flights progress so we know exactly when your plane will be landing.

3. If I miss my flight do I forfeit my shuttle fare.
If you miss your flight but notify us immediately or as soon as possible we will rescheduled at no extra cost.
4. If I cancel my shuttle booking do I forfeit the fare.
It all depends on the circumstances please see our terms and conditions.

5. Why will you not travel to Sun City during the hours of darkness.
Sometimes we do travel during the hours of darkness, but for safety reasons we prefer not to.
6. How much luggage can I bring?
One hand luggage and one suitcase 25Kgs per person excess luggage will be charged for.
The driver will meet you at the arrivals entrance he will have a sign with your name clearly written on it.
No the vehicles are on a strict schedule you go direct from A. to B. we make a 10 minute scheduled stop at the half way point
for refreshments and rest room facalities.
9. Is eating of food permitted during the trip.
It all depends on your behaviour and attitude towards the driver it's his decision to allow you to eat or not.
If so you are expected to leave the vehicle absolutely clean as other people have to use it. A rubbish bin is provided in the vehicle.
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10. Is Tipping necessary in South Africa ?
Tipping in South Africa is considered customary and is expected especially if you use porters or baggage handlars
to assist you with your cases at airports the going rate is between R 10.00 and R 15.00 per case.
In hotels and restaurants the waitresses depend extensively upon tips as they are not highly paid here the average tip is considered to be 10% of the bill if you received good service.
Bearing in mind that tipping is considered customary in South Africa tipping of Skylink employees drivers or any sub contractors is not a requirment if one decides to offer tips we have no doubt that this would be appreciated but
please bear in mind that this is not necessary and no one will be offended.
11. Can I ask a favour ? Can I stop at a shop it will only take ten minutes.
The answer is NO!! all too often the drivers get these requests these favours stretch from ten minutes to an hour
and also includes parking difficulties and going off route, all this puts the driver under too much stress as he has schudules to meet and times to adhere to, an hour spent doing favours is an hour that could have been spent on the road travelling to the destination which is equivalent to half the journey time to Sun City from Johannesburg.
Please do not ask as refusal often offends.
12. Can I play music on my tablett or cell phone.
Yes provided you use your ear phones to listen and it does not interfer with the driver remember your taste in music is not necessarily the same as other peoples.
Soft background music is played on the vehicles audio equipment and no other music is allowed.
13. Why do we need a luggage trailer.
The shuttle vehicle can carry eight passengers, when there are more than three passengers a luggage trailer is a legal requirement to prevent overloading off the vehicle axle weight.
14. Is our luggage safe in the luggage trailer.
Your luggage is 100% safe in the luggage trailer the trailer is locked to the tow bar coupling of the vehicle and the luggage is secured in the trailer with two locks, and the driver is always in attendance so no one will try to interfere with the trailer.
15. Transportation of young children.
Please see terms and conditions Rule 30 strictly applies young children must be prevented from fouling the vehicles interior and climbing over the seats and generally fiddling with fixtures in the vehicle.
They must be kept seated and secured by a safety belt. Eating of sticky sweets or ice cream etc is not allowed.
16. Why does extra parking charges apply for more than three passengers.
The answer to this is because we can use the normal car park for two passengers ( no trailer required ) for more than two passengers we must use a luggage trailer which increases the length of the combination and because of this we must park at the bus terminal where the parking charges are more expensive.
17. Why do you require payment before departure.
Unfortunately some people just abused our flexibility when paying in cash, i.e. stalling with payment in some cases keeping drivers waiting at destinations, until they almost had to beg for the money, or handing a handful of money to the driver at the airport and running off only to find that they had short changed the driver.
We are conscious of the fact that most people are genuine, and if we agree to a cash payment we would expect genuine behaviour by paying the driver before departure which takes the stress of everyone.
7. How will I find your driver at the Airport.
18. Do you give discounted rates to Travel Agents or anyone connected with the Airline Industry
We live in difficult times with fluctuating oil prices which reflects upon every commodity including vehicle purchase and maintenance we calculate our tariff's based upon these variables and as such we offer the best rates in the industry and they are applicable to everyone and
can not be further discounted for Travel Agents or any one associated with the hospitality industry.
8. Can I stop on route for shopping
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